About Decopix

 WF Brownie pic

This site is the work of Randy Juster who, one summer evening long ago, decided to take a photo of the streamlined Art Deco Lake movie theater in Oak Park, Illinois.

Soon, he began looking for other theaters in the same style.  Then came schools, courthouses, factories…you get the idea. Eventually he had an archive of Art Deco architecture photos that were used in books, magazines, museum exhibits and so on. Great, but until the web came along, these things were fixed–updates and additions weren’t possible.

This new incarnation of Decopix includes a blog which should provide a richer experience (which is a fancy way of saying more content) with the stories behind the photos and the opportunity to exchange ideas with you. If you’re a history buff, urban explorer, designer, photographer or you’d like suggestions for your next vacation or road trip, I hope you will see things you like and visit often. Thanks for stopping by!