Art Deco Denver Part 3-The Streamlined Homes of Bonnie Brae

If you’ve read the previous 2 posts on Denver Deco you know there’s plenty. But what about houses?

Yes, houses too, as a drive through Denver’s lovely Bonnie Brae neighborhood proved. My thanks to realtor Kim O’Connor who let me take as many photos as I wished of her home–the most spectacular of the bunch.

A very unusual and complex House of Tomorrow.

As often happens, these Streamline Moderne houses are sited in the midst of a neighborhood where the vast majority of homes are anything but Art Deco or Streamline Moderne.

An infrared view of the house above

I often wonder what the neighbors thought, back in the 1930s as they saw the arrival of these houses of tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Art Deco Denver Part 3-The Streamlined Homes of Bonnie Brae

  1. Arlene Schutz says:

    I wish I knew where these houses are located.
    It would be nice to take a guided tour of the neighborhood.

    • Randy Juster says:

      Thanks for the comment. The houses are easy to find. They’re on Bonnie Brae Boulevard, in Denver’s Bonnie Brae neighborhood.

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