Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week – Handless Clock by M.A. Vinas

Handless clock patent-2-60070

My writing on Lawson clocks has given some people the idea that Lawson and Pennwood clocks were the first digital clocks. It does appear Lawson and Pennwood were the first cyclometer clocks (they have wheels like a car odometer) but  digital clocks in general can be found back to the 1800s… and there were even Art Deco digital clocks prior to the 1930s as this patent shows.

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6 Responses to Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week – Handless Clock by M.A. Vinas

  1. Francis J. Bustamante says:

    The Vinas handless clock patent 1626988 filed on August 29, 1925 was my grandfathers’s patent. I was happy to see your posting and that you made the world aware of his invention. My grandfather passed away before he was able to sell his invention, If you have further information to share with me, I would appreciate it. Looking forward to any information you may have. Thank you, Frank

    • Randy Juster says:

      Hi Frank – Thanks so much for letting me know this clock was your grandfather’s invention. I’m sorry to say I don’t have any information other than what’s in the post but if I come across anything, I’ll certainly let you know. Thanks again, Randy

      • Frank Bustamante says:

        there was one article from a news paper that I came across, the paper was very old looking and fragile. there was no date on the article or the writers name. the headline was, Times Forgotten Man. In this article it says “My grandfather worked on this handless calendar clock somewhere between 1903 and 1905 and finished it about 20 years later”.

        • Randy Juster says:

          Fascinating, working on a clock for 20 years. Well, your grandfather isn’t completely forgotten, at least on my site! Thanks again.

  2. Francis J. Bustamante says:

    Thank you Randy, I appreciate your interest

  3. Francis J. Bustamante says:

    I will be speaking with a older cousin soon and maybe she will have some information and photos of our grandfathers calendar clock. I do have a photo of the clock but it is not in very good shape. It is my hope that I would be able to post the information of his marvelous invention soon, Frank

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