Art Deco Separated At Birth #16-“V” Motif Mailboxes

Each of these early Art Deco mailboxes shares a common thread–a V design motif.

The earliest Deco mailbox in the USA, almost Art Nouveau in style, from the Barclay-Vesey Building (begun 1923.) Look closely and you’ll see a “V”:

The mailbox in Seattle’s Exchange Building:

Finally, the mailbox in Kalamazoo, Michigan’s City Hall:



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4 Responses to Art Deco Separated At Birth #16-“V” Motif Mailboxes

  1. Bruce appel says:

    These are great, Randy. I take pictures of mailboxes all the time. I wish we still had them, but they would’t be this beautiful. Glad to be on your list.

  2. Your work is appreciated.

    Nice work

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