Art Deco Separated at Birth #8 – Lamb & L.M. Persons Houses


Lamb residence SAB (1 of 1)

While photographing the Art Deco Lamb house in Ogden, Utah, I realized I had seen it before, in an ad for Insulux glass block. I had the certainty of an eyewitness, and now I see why eyewitnesses are often unreliable.

Persons House-SAB (1 of 1)

I was right about the Insulux. But the house I had seen was the L.M. Persons house in St. Louis. Does anyone know if the L.M. Persons house still exists?

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5 Responses to Art Deco Separated at Birth #8 – Lamb & L.M. Persons Houses

  1. LJ says:

    It appears to, but has been significantly remodeled on the outside.

    7 Warson Terrace Dr, St Louis, MO 63124,-90.393862,3a,75y,172.31h,79.06t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqCkJk3-Amzre84pc3OswSQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

  2. M. M. Hancock says:

    Yes it does! Friends of my mothers have owned it and lived there for years. They cherish the home and have not altered it’s architectural character.

  3. Dan Oliver says:

    Probably about 20 years ago I investigated this after seeing an ad. I actually called the company that still existed at that time and spoke to like the great nephews of the builder. To my surprise he was actually still alive and I spoke to him. That was his first project after graduating college. Evidently he was big in building malls and shopping centers in St. Louis. I was able to contact the owners and they actually took pictures from a couple disposable cameras I sent them, before digital and they sent back to me. Many of the elements had not been changed but my very favorite element had, the glass block which gave the house such character was replaced with windows and an addition was added. So to say its still the same house isn’t quite true. One of my very favorite houses I came across in a magazine. Thanks for sharing.

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