Art Deco Separated At Birth #4 – 30 S. Munn Avenue

Many years ago I lived in New Jersey. Whenever I headed south on the Garden State Parkway, I’d see a huge, colorful Art Deco apartment building–not the most common thing in NJ. I estimate the first photo was taken around 1978.


30 south munn-wp (1 of 2)



In October 2013 I was back in New Jersey for the Beseler Photo Marketing 35th anniversary dinner. I don’t get to New Jersey often so I thought it would be fun to visit some of my old haunts. Here’s #30 S. Munn in East Orange, today (2013). The windows have been replaced with double pane and somebody’s used a lot of white paint. But that wonderful floral trim is still there.


30 south munn-new (1 of 1)

October 2013. Had to get this quickly as the sun was going down but you get the idea. 



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