Art Deco Separated at Birth #7 – East Finchley Station & Pepperdine University

Ok, Art Deco Separated at Birth #6 was a bit depressing. To make up for it, here we have two fine examples of Streamline Moderne, each sporting not one, but two cylinders. The Underground station at Each Finchley is also home to the Archer, who can be seen on the About Art Deco page.

SAB for WP (4 of 6)

The wonderful East Finchley Underground station. Look closely at the righthand side and you can just see the archer.

SAB for WP (5 of 6)

Pepperdine University campus, Los Angeles (now a church.) Even the landscaping is symmetrical.


If you’ve seen the original Buck Rogers serial, you’ll recall Buster Crabbe stepping into a Plexiglas or Perspex cylinder and being transported to another cylinder at a different location. The cylinders shown here have the same function–transportation. They’re just not as advanced, being spiral stairs.



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