Decopix Separated At Birth #2 – Art Deco Windows

Are these V shaped, miniature prow windows unique to the British Empire? Inspired by Thomas Tait and/or Crittall? It would seem there is more to these than just catching sun since many places where they turn up are already pretty sunny.

St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto:

Hospital - Toronto


An office building in Hastings, New Zealand:

Hastings Bldg-SAB


The Hoover building cafeteria:

Cafeteria, Hoover Bldg - London


The Old Mutual building in Cape Town, South Africa:

Old Mutual Bldg. - Cape Town


All similar.  But the Old Mutual building also has something the others lack…elephants. You might just make out a moderne owl in the corner, too.

Old Mutual-elephant


Equipment used:  Canon 5D mk III w/17mm TS-II lens (Montreal).  Olympus OM-4T with OM 24 shift lens and OM 70-200 zoom.  Fuji Velvia 50 film.  Hoover building, Minolta XD-11 with Minolta Rokkor 35mm shift lens, Kodachrome film.


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