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Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week – Kem Weber Comfort Station

Weber outhouse-save-60070

Kem Weber applies his Streamline Moderne expertise to a comfort station.
Read More

Mexico City’s Art Deco – Alameda Central


I’ve known about Mexico City’s Art Deco for years but I figured there wasn’t much left…. Read More

24 vs. 24 – Canon 24mm TS-E II vs. Nikon 24mm PC-E

PC lenses-pair-60070

Is one better than the other? Yes. A lot better? No. Read More

Cry Danger Comes To DVD

Cry Danger thumbnail-60070

Cry Danger (1950), a terrific little crime story, is headed for DVD this spring. Read More

The Lawson Mayfair-Zephyr Clock Mystery

Lawson Zephyr Icon

With each new discovery, the Lawson Time story offers up another mystery. Read More

Touring Miami Beach Art Deco

Waldorf Towers-Edit-Edit-Edit-60070

Ian Wright, over at has posted a nice article with lots of good tips and information… Read More

There’s a Lawson Clock in Your Future…

Lawson Zephyr Icon

The time: Stardate 2259.55. The place: Star Trek Into Darkness DVD, Chapter 2… Read More

Havana’s Amazing Art Deco – Vedado Guide


Our last installment ended at Hotel Nacional which has hosted mobsters, politicians and actors. I leave it to you to decide how many categories that makes. Read More