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Shanghai Art Deco Congress 2015 – Day One

The amount of Art Deco to see in the world’s most populous city made it impossible to take in everything but we sure tried! Read More

Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week-Thermostat by Brooks Stevens

Was this delightful streamlined thermostat the work of Gilbert Rhode or Henry Dreyfuss? Well, neither. But someone just as influential. Read More

Digital Deco – More Lawson Clocks in the Movies

More Lawson Art Deco clocks on the big screen: Shadow Of Doubt (1935). Ricardo Cortez was one of the great Latin lovers who, it was hoped would fill the void left by the death of Rudolph Valentino. (Cortez was actually Jakob Krantz from New … Read More

Decopix Review: I Am Cuba

Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese were impressed enough by the film to present a restored version at the New York Film Forum in 1995. Read More

Deco Era Dating Advice

Women want Formica. Read More

The Lawson Clock Summit

It started out as simple curiosity. When did Lawson Time open for business, where did it go, and why? Read More

The Decopix Vitrolite Gallery is Back

The Decopix Vitrolite Gallery. Vitrolite structural glass became synonymous with the Art Deco & Streamline Moderne styles. Read More

How digital camera technology consumed itself

Affordable digital cameras have gone from not being good enough to being more than good enough. It’s a serious problem. Read More