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Shanghai Art Deco – Part 1

Hard to believe, but in 1997, a lot of China tours skipped Shanghai. Read More

A Past That Never Was

A world where Art Deco was the predominant style is an interesting idea, but that’s all it is. Read More

Art Deco Separated at Birth #10 – United Artists Theaters

In 1986, I took a shot of the Four Star Theater on Wilshire Boulevard in L.A. And then, something strange happened…. Read More

Just one word: Plastics

The advice Benjamin received was sound. Read More

Art Deco Separated at Birth #9 – Joseph W. Harris House, Berkeley, California

I think a photo dating from when the house was built, alongside how it looks today makes for an interesting comparison. Read More

Q: Why do you want to visit Cuba?

And why do I ask? Two reasons…. Read More

Review: Art Deco Mailboxes

By the 1930s, Art Deco mailboxes could be found wherever there were Deco skyscrapers and mail. Read More

Camera Lens Tests – Trust, but Verify.

Lens tests are a great resource. But the lens you buy may not match the test results. Read More