Cry Danger Comes To DVD

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Cry Danger (1950), a terrific little crime story, is headed for DVD this spring. Read More

The Lawson Mayfair-Zephyr Clock Mystery

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With each new discovery, the Lawson Time story offers up another mystery. Read More

Touring Miami Beach Art Deco

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Ian Wright, over at has posted a nice article with lots of good tips and information… Read More

There’s a Lawson Clock in Your Future…

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The time: Stardate 2259.55. The place: Star Trek Into Darkness DVD, Chapter 2… Read More

Havana’s Amazing Art Deco – Vedado Guide


Our last installment ended at Hotel Nacional which has hosted mobsters, politicians and actors. I leave it to you to decide how many categories that makes. Read More

Timeless Art Deco Design – Shure Series 55 Microphones

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Once in a while. somebody hits on a design that not only looks good but remains functional and popular for decades. Read More

Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week – Honeywell Chronotherm (1943)

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…If you thought (as I did) that those were the years of plentiful cheap energy or that people weren’t paying attention to how much they used, you’d be wrong. Read More

Is This False Color Infrared Really True?

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Well, no, but which looks more realistic to you? Read More