Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week-Depression Clock by F.J. Abel

Somehow, this clock speaks to depression with both a “D” and a small one. Read More

70 Pine Street Open To The Public (partially)

In an unusual turn, one of the most “off-limits” of Manhattan Art Deco buildings is, or will soon be, open to the public. Well, parts of it, anyway. If you follow New York Art Deco, you know that a typical … Read More

Tokyo’s Hidden Art Deco

A lot of the city’s Art Deco architecture is really tucked away. Here are two examples. Read More

The Lane-Wells Story

Even in a city filled with Streamline Moderne buildings, these two were exceptional. Read More

Japan Deco-Tokyo’s Fabulous Art Deco Department Stores

There was a time when department stores were like movie palaces. In Japan, some still are. Read More

Top Of The World-the Peace Hotel Roof

Why visit the Peace Hotel roof, which is just 11 stories above ground? You be the judge. Read More

Shanghai Art Deco Congress-Day Five-The Peace Hotel

Shanghai is too rich in Art Deco to have an obvious #1 Art Deco building. But if not the Peace Hotel, then what? Read More

Art Deco Separated at Birth #13 – Peace Hotel Entrance & Lounge

Two views of Shanghai’s spectacular Peace Hotel. From 1997, the original lobby check-in area (you can just make out a luggage cart at lower right) and from 2015 where the original lobby is now a lounge. Looks like the clock did not survive … Read More