Art Deco Denver Part 2-Masters of Masonry

I’ve photographed some amazing Art Deco over the last 35+ years. Still, once in a while my jaw just drops. Yours will too when you see what follows. In early years of the Art Deco era when extravagance was the norm, lots of colored brick … Read More

Art Deco Denver Part 1 – A Neon Paradise

As far as I know, Denver’s Lakeside Park is one of only 2 Art Deco amusment parks in the USA (the other being Playland in Rye, New York.) Truth is, I didn’t think there was much Deco in Denver other than … Read More

Is The Waldorf Astoria In Danger?

Word comes from the Art Deco Society of New York that the Waldorf’s new owners are planning changes. Read More

Art Deco Separated At Birth #14 – Cutting Corners

Some Art Deco buildings where the architect cut corners. Literally. Read More

It’s Time to Visit Bullocks Wilshire

A once-a-year opportunity to visit the glorious Bullocks Wilshire building is almost here. Read More

Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week-Depression Clock by F.J. Abel

Somehow, this clock speaks to depression with both a “D” and a small one. Read More

70 Pine Street Open To The Public (partially)

In an unusual turn, one of the most “off-limits” of Manhattan Art Deco buildings is, or will soon be, open to the public. Well, parts of it, anyway. If you follow New York Art Deco, you know that a typical … Read More

Tokyo’s Hidden Art Deco

A lot of the city’s Art Deco architecture is really tucked away. Here are two examples. Read More