Shanghai Art Deco Congress 2015 – Day Four

Shanghai has lots of Art Deco, and the area with the most is the former French Concession. Read More

Art Deco Japan – The Lost World of the Hikawa Maru

The Hikawa Maru made 238 voyages between 1930-1960, surrounding passengers with a splendid Art Deco environment. Read More

Yes, I take the power lines out (well, some of them)

Removing wires isn’t that difficult, but it takes time. Read More

Art Deco Separated At Birth #12 – Gates

Some “French” Art Deco metalwork, only not in France. Read More

Make Photography Easier-OpTech Lens Pouches

Your expensive lens came with a pouch? Here’s something better. Read More

A Perfect Belt Pouch for the Coolpix A

A belt pouch for the Nikon Coolpix A that isn’t too small or huge. And it’s less than 10 bucks. Read More

Shanghai Art Deco Congress 2015 – Day Three

The Shanghai Aviation Association building was not easy to find but worth the trip. Read More

Shanghai Art Deco Congress 2015 – Day Two

For day two, I thought I’d stick to the official schedule but the call of Art Deco intervened. The Congress was held at the Peninsula Hotel, conveniently located on the Bund. (The Bund is an area of old Shanghai that runs … Read More