The Art Deco Speakeasy Mystery

Funny how memory plays tricks. In the late 1970s, I stopped by San Francisco’s Egyptian Theater for some shots of the box office and lobby. The Egyptian details appeared to be painted on–not a suprise when I found out the … Read More

Art Deco Detroit Part Five-Deco Around Town

There’s more to Detroit’s Art Deco than skyscapers. A lot more. Read More

Art Deco Detroit Part 4-Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry

Diego Rivera often worked big, but I was unprepared for his colossal Detroit Industry, consisting of 27 panels. Read More

Art Deco Swag

A gallery of tote bags from Art Deco World Congress events. Read More

Art Deco Detroit Part 3-The Penobscot Building

With the Guardian and Fisher Buildings, the Penobscot completes Detroit’s Art Deco skyscraper trifecta. Read More

Japan Deco-Yokohama’s Surprising Art Deco Heritage

The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 devastated Yokohama but also paved the way for some new Art deco buildings. Read More

Art Deco Denver Part 3-The Streamlined Homes of Bonnie Brae

In addition to Art Deco commerical architecture, Denver has a handful of Streamline Moderne houses as well. Read More

Art Deco Detroit Part 2-The Fisher Building

The business empire that the Fisher Building celebrates began as a small blacksmith shop. Read More