The Art Deco Mermaids of Shaker Square

At last year’s World Congress on Art Deco, in Cleveland, I got to finish something that had bothered me for years. Decades, actually. In the 1980s, I went to Cleveland to photograph a variety of things for a book and … Read More

Art Deco Separted At Birth #18-Towers

I’ve puzzled why the Waldorf Towers in Miami Beach has just one tower. But this makes it ideal for this separated at birth, with the old fire station in West Sacramento, Califrornia. The fire station also has just one tower, … Read More

Art Deco Separated At Birth #17-A Terracotta Trio

In the 1920s, you could order an entire house from a Sears catalog. No Art Deco homes unfortunately. But suppliers of terracotta produced books of ornaments and trim, including Art Deco, that architects could order, presumably without knowing another architect … Read More

The Art Deco Speakeasy Mystery

Funny how memory plays tricks. In the late 1970s, I stopped by San Francisco’s Egyptian Theater for some shots of the box office and lobby. The Egyptian details appeared to be painted on–not a suprise when I found out the … Read More

Art Deco Detroit Part Five-Deco Around Town

There’s more to Detroit’s Art Deco than skyscapers. A lot more. Read More

Art Deco Detroit Part 4-Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry

Diego Rivera often worked big, but I was unprepared for his colossal Detroit Industry, consisting of 27 panels. Read More

Art Deco Swag

A gallery of tote bags from Art Deco World Congress events. Read More

Art Deco Detroit Part 3-The Penobscot Building

With the Guardian and Fisher Buildings, the Penobscot completes Detroit’s Art Deco skyscraper trifecta. Read More