A Streamline Moderne Shangri-La

Pepperdine-2 for NX-60070

These days, finding a large group of Art Deco or Streamline Moderne buildings that you are welcome to photograph and having the place to yourself just doesn’t happen….. Read More

Lawson Art Deco Clocks in the Movies

Why aren’t Lawson clocks seen in the movies? Turns out, they are. Read More

The Fountain at Park Moderne

Park Moderne (1 of 2)

In 1931, William Lingenbrink founded a small artist’s colony in Calabasas, California. The cottages were modest, but certainly not boring. Read More

Mexico City’s Art Deco – The Case of the Square Spiral

spiral for wp (2 of 2)

Perhaps an early tribute to an Aztec god of Art Deco? Read More

Art Deco Separated at Birth #7 – East Finchley Station & Pepperdine University

SAB for WP (5 of 6)

Here we have two fine examples of Streamline Moderne, each sporting not one, but two cylinders. Read More

Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week – Handless Clock by M.A. Vinas

Handless clock patent-2-60070

Some people have gotten the idea that Lawson and Pennwood were the first digital clocks. Not by a long shot. Read More

Tucson’s Art Deco Star – The Fox Theatre


In 1930, a town of 32,000 people got a world class Art Deco movie palace, and it’s still there. Read More

A Great Photo of the Treasure Island Map…Almost.


How I almost got a great photo of the Treasure Island terra cotta map….
Read More