Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week – Lamp by A.J.D. Ohm

Ohm patent-60070

Who better than Mr. Ohm to design a light fixture? Read More

Art Deco Separated At Birth #4 – 30 S. Munn Avenue

30 south munn-wp (1 of 2)

Many years ago I lived in New Jersey. When I headed south on the Garden State Parkway, I’d see a huge, colorful Art Deco apartment building…. Read More

Mexico City’s Art Deco – Monumento a la Revolucion


The Palacio des Belles Arts is the #1 stop for Art Deco fans visiting Mexico City but there’s much more even within a reasonably short walk. Read More

Deco Decadence – Who Sold Lawson Clocks?


Since many Lawson Art Deco clocks would cost several hundred dollars in today’s currency, I wondered who sold these luxury items during the Depression. Read More

Havana’s Amazing Art Deco – Miramar & Kholy Guide


Havana’s Miramar and Kholy districts and feature some exceptional Art Deco houses. Read More

Art Deco 24 Hours a Day – An Unusual Lawson Clock


An unusual variation – the Lawson 24-hour clock. Read More

Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week – Kem Weber Comfort Station

Weber outhouse-save-60070

Kem Weber applies his Streamline Moderne expertise to a comfort station.
Read More

Mexico City’s Art Deco – Alameda Central


I’ve known about Mexico City’s Art Deco for years but I figured there wasn’t much left…. Read More