Decopix Art Deco Patent of the Week – Deco Diner by Roland Stickney


Stickney Diner for WP-60070Roland Stickney (1892-1975) is probably more familiar to automobile enthusiasts, but his career covered a lot of ground.

Early on, Stickney was a car designer for LeBaron and Lincoln. He developed a reputation as an expert renderer of cars and even did illustrations for Rolls-Royce.

Later, Stickney worked for J.B. Judkins, a manufacturer of trailers. Judkins also made Sterling Diners, an example of which is shown here. So Ronald Stickney, who made cars look fast and streamlined did the same for restaurants.

Toward the end of his career, Stickney was at the top of his profession, joining Henry Dreyfuss and Associates.

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