The Decopix Vitrolite Gallery is Back

50-50 Club (1 of 1)

50-50 Club – San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately, the Royal Blue Agate Vitrolite has been removed.

Working on a post about Vitrolite and Carrara structural glass, I discovered the Decopix Vitrolite gallery had disappeared! So I am gradually re-creating it, complete with photos of the rarely seen “agate” colors.

Still to come is an article with lots of historic Vitrolite and Carrara advertising and literature. In the meantime, the gallery is here.


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3 Responses to The Decopix Vitrolite Gallery is Back

  1. Mark Sidwell says:

    Need to find 2-3 virtrolite panels (8 1/8 x 12) dark blue agate (marbled) for a bathroom we are upgrading. Any help is appreciated.

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