There’s a Lawson Clock in Your Future…

A recurring theme on Decopix is that the best designs are timeless. Recently, I did a post on the streamlined Shure 55 microphone, introduced in 1939 that’s still produced today. That makes 75 years.

Impressive, but how about this. The time: Stardate 2259.55. The place: Star Trek Into Darkness DVD, Chapter 2. As the scene opens, we see…a Lawson Zephyr!

Lawson Zephyr Star Trek

I’m no expert, but if stardates work off the same calendar we use these days that means folks will still be using their Lawson clocks 245 years from now.

Lawson clock sightings on the big screen are rare but if you want to see another, there’s a Lawson model 73 on Whit Bissell’s desk in the 1948 movie, He Walked By Night.


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