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In our last installment, we were in the Peace Hotel ballroom, enjoying the final evening of the Shanghai World Congress on Art Deco.

Shanghai is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world so why visit the Peace Hotel roof at a mere 11 stories? You be the judge.

Leaving the ballroom, I came to a hall of mirrors.

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At the end of a hall, there was a small sitting room.

Peace Hotel room (1 of 1)

Outside the room, a small circular area. To one side, the hotel’s Chinese restaurant.

Peace Hotel Chinese restaurant (1 of 1)

Or, turning slightly, a door to the kitchen service area, I think.

Peace Hotel circular door (1 of 1)

Which way now? I pivoted some more on the small circular floor.

Peace Hotel for wp (16 of 30)

The stairs, of course.

Peace Hotel for wp (17 of 30)

Which led to…even fancier stairs.

Peace Hotel for wp (24 of 30)

Finally, I stepped through a door and out onto the roof.

Peace Hotel for wp (29 of 30)

I emerged behind the pyramid, with all of Shanghai below me.

Peace Hotel for wp (19 of 30)

Peace Hotel roof (1 of 1)

Friday night in Shanghai. What Victor Sassoon would have seen. Well, minus the modern buildings. So many people below and I had the rooftop to myself.

I was off to Tokyo in the morning, so I finished my drink and headed downstairs, disappearing into the mass of people strolling the Bund.

Art Deco in Tokyo? You bet.

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  1. Bob Barrett says:

    Looks like a great trip and your photos are…as usual…superb. Thanks for sending them.
    Hope all is well,

    Bob Barrett

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