Deco Decadence – Who Sold Lawson Clocks?


Since many Lawson Art Deco clocks would cost several hundred dollars in today’s currency, I wondered who sold these luxury items during the Depression. The answer came from Scott Braznell who found these ads from 1937. 


Lawson clock-Cryson's ad-60070

The Candid Camera Shopper recommends Chryson’s in Beverly Hills.

Lawson clock-Cryson's ad-Edit-60070

The ad below, which shows a Telechron digital clock, not a Lawson, is from Schwabacher-Frey, a Los Angeles seller of office supplies. If you follow the Lawson clock story, note that Schwabacher-Frey had a location just a few blocks from Henry Fenenbock’s pen shop.

Lawson ad-Schwabacher Frey-Edit-2-60070


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